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Micolet is a women’s second-hand clothing shop online that offers a wide range of trendy and almost new clothes.

On Micolet you can find cheap bags and purses, cheap party dresses, cheap shoes and many more items to make your daily outfits outstanding. With only one click you can access thousands of items with up to 90% of a discount. In our section of discounts, you can find a great variety of clothes and accessories of your favourite brands.

Micolet offers a complete service, allowing users to buy cheap clothing from the best brands on the internet. Second-hand clothing stores online have become more and more efficient, since it is possible to find the best options at prices not seen in other markets.

Micolet will become your second-hand branded clothing partner online. With a simple click you can have the access to numerous items of second-hand clothing. You can buy clothes online of all styles, colours, patterns... Do not miss out the best offers of cheap clothes online!

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Our online second-hand shop gives you an opportunity to refresh and fill your wardrobe with the best fashion brands at their best price. On Micolet you can find brands such as Zara woman, ASOS outlet, New Look outlet, Topshop outlet, Ted Baker outlet, Tommy Hilfiger women and many more.

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Circular fashion

In 2015, when Micolet was established, buying second-hand clothes was still an experience reserved for a young, urban and modern customers. Furthermore, sustainability in fashion was an unknown issue for the vast majority of the population.

Today's reality is very different. 38% of women already buy second-hand clothes. The fastest growing purchases are from Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Buyers of brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton also buy and sell clothes in second-hand market. Both, which may have suffered a stigma in the past, are now a common practice in wardrobes of women and are motivated by environmental awareness among other things.

Second hand market

Organisations such as Fashion Revolution or Greenpeace, together with the press, have promoted the creation of a more informed consumer who is concerned about the impact of their purchases. 15% of women already take environmental factors into account when buying clothes. Without a doubt, this is a giant step forward compared to when we started in 2015.

The textile industry has adapted to change in consumer mentality. With renowned companies like Veja, Stella McCartney or Ecoalf are known for now having sustainable and ecological fashion, using organic and recycled materials in their pieces. In addition to being recyclable this movement also has leading brands in fast fashion with more eco-friendly collections, such as H&M's CONSCIOUS collection or ZARA's JOIN Life collection. Not to forget the popular demand for giving clothes a second life!