Micolet Reviews

What’s interesting about Micolet, is that it enables customers from Europe to shop second-hand clothing from other countries.

- Ecommerce News

Micolet is the one-stop for buying second hand clothing for women and has recently launched the UK.

- TechRound

“Customers have the opportunity to buy clothes from six different European countries.”


“Micolet, an online marketplace that sells second-hand clothing for women, will expand to two new markets in Europe.”

- Ecommerce News

“Micolet achieves the best results in fashion-conscious markets.”

- Tamebay

These and many other influencers and celebrities like presenters, actresses, models have sold their clothes on Micolet. Discover the wardrobe of: Anita (@azul_mistico), Meg (@megsays_), Connie (@theclothesfiles), Alice (@alice_inthe_looking_glass), Marilyne (@marilynetran), Patricia (@peexo).

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