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Terms and conditions of use

Using services or products through (hereinafter referred to as Micolet ) requires the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Acceptance and access to Terms and Conditions of Use

Though the acceptance of this agreement you declare:

  1. To be 18 or older and not under guardianship.
  2. To have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions of Use, are regulated by the legal relationship that has included all the process of the contract between Users-Customers of the Web Site (Web user) located in the URL propriety of Micolet Web S.L. By using and placing an order or selling any clothes, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out. This document can be printed and stocked for user’s web. Micolet offers an information access through for any information requirement about terms and conditions of use.

Legal Notice

This website has been created to inform about services offered by Micolet as well as to attend potential customers, commercial contact and job applications.

The website is managed by:

Corporate name: Micolet Web, S.L.
Intra-community VAT: ESB95808770
Headquarter: Avenida Ribera de Axpe 11, 2D - 202. 48950 Erandio - Bizkaia
Registered in the mercantile registry of Bizkaia (Spain) Tome 5538, Sheet 205, Page BI-66348.
Micolet is a trademark registered on EUIPO No 016681199


By using the website Micolet users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out. Therefore, users should carefully read this document each time they wish to use Micolet website as it can be modified and updated.

Access to Micolet website is free and without extra charges, except the internet connection charges depending on the network communication offered by the communication providers contracted by the Users.

Users that wish to periodically receive offers and discounts to their email addresses and/or to sell/buy on Micolet, will have to register as Users on Micolet’s website filling and sending the online form.

Micolet as an intermediary offers these services to the final consumer (sellers or buyers) to ease the sell and the purchase of clothes and accessories of second-hand clothing. In this effect, Micolet put to your disposal its marketplace through, these promotional actions to promote the items but also the services of pickup, valuation, publication and delivery as well as their payment or buying.


Those who use Micolet online website do it for their own liabilities and risks. Micolet is not liable of errors that can appear in the content or others that can be accessed through it. Micolet cannot be considered responsible for any damages due to the utilisation of the Micolet website, neither for any action realized on the information base provided. Micolet does not guarantee the absence of any virus or others elements harmful to your device that can damage or alter the informatic system, electronic documents or user’s files. Micolet is not responsible for the damages that can affect to the User or third party.

Micolet assures to not realize any misleading publicity through this media. However, it will not be considered as misleading publicity or formal errors found in the contents of parts of the online Micolet website, produced as a result of incomplete or defective maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections. Micolet, to the consequence of these terms, assures to correct any issues as soon as they are detected.

The User is the only one and exclusively responsible for the use of the Micolet website and its contents, and Micolet will not be considered as responsible for the use of the Micolet website according to the regulation applicated. In case of appearance of some illegal activities or, if Terms and conditions are not respected, we retain the right to deny to User the access of Micolet website page or to some contents, without any notification..

Users will be responsible for property transfer tax subscription as well as other taxes, rate or contribution corresponding to the sale of clothes and other items through the Micolet website.

General terms of the contract

Without prejudice that the Terms and conditions are applied to the User from the moment that he accesses to the Micolet website to realize any operations through it, the user should accept these terms and conditions before, ticking the corresponding box. This actual terms and conditions do not exclude any possibilities that some services of the online page Micolet, for this particular characteristics, will be subject, in addition to Terms and Conditions, to this own particular conditions.

Through the Micolet website, the user can

  1. sell his used clothes
  2. buy second-hand clothing

Sale of clothes

Micolet offers individual consumers the possibility of selling their clothes through the Micolet website. Individual consumers, for these purposes, is any individual who sells their clothes on the Micolet website for personal reasons and not for business, commercial or professional activities. We sell used clothing in good condition that the seller no longer uses, and is interested in selling. Clothing is offered for sale by Micolet on the Micolet website and, if sold, Micolet will pay a percentage of the sale amount (previously agreed) to the owner of the clothing. Micolet sells women's clothing and accessories only. In the Help and contact section, you can specify which geographical locations the sale of clothing can be made. These locations may vary.

Sale request of clothes


To sell clothes on Micolet, the User has to print a Pickup Form found on the website. For that, if the User has not done it previously, he has to sign up for the Micolet website, agree to the Terms and Conditions of Micolet as well as the Privacy Policy. This way, he accepts that the clothes will be sorted, selected and valued by our evaluators.

With the interest to offer a quality service, Micolet retains the right to keep temporarily the collection service of clothes when it's considered useful.

Once the Pickup Form is printed, it is essential that the User contact Micolet by writing an email to if the number of the package sent does not match the data indicated at the time of making the request on the web page, since the courier of the transport company will only send us the packages that are on the Pickup Form. If the data on the number of clothes does not match, simply fill in the blank box for that purpose that appears on the Pickup Form.

After making the request for collection, a courier will go to the address indicated by the User within a maximum period of 5 working days. The User must prepare a cardboard box with the clothes he/she wants to send, insert the pick-up sheet into the package and make sure that the box is well sealed. The box cannot have any side larger than 1 metre, and the sum of the height, width and depth of the box cannot exceed 1.5 meters.

In the case of sending bags, Micolet is not responsible for any loss or damage that the merchandise may suffer. If the User chooses to send the garments in bags, Micolet recommends that the package has two or more layers so that it does not break.

In the case in which a delivery being managed by Micolet is misplaced during the collection or in any other moment in the process of the sale, the transport company will not be held legally responsible for this delivery, and Micolet will compensate the user with €27. However, the garments that would have already been valued by Micolet will receive the price that they would have earned in the sale as a form of compensation up to a maximum of 27€. The given amount will be refunded to the users account via a bank transfer.

The clothes we sell must comply with conditions requested by Micolet (see section. "Clothing we Accept"), and must be sent at least 20 clothes and 500 as maximum. If more than one package may be sent in the same request, just add a copy of Pickup Form in each of them and another copy attached to the outside of the package.

Neither the Pickup Form printed from the user nor data filled in when creating it will serve as a delivery note or a proof of what is included in the box that is delivered. As well Micolet doesn’t take responsibility for any incidents that may happen during the delivery process, for example in cases of loses or robberies. In any case, Micolet will contact the courier and do everything possible to solve the issue.

Micolet does not collect clothes of the users who live outside Peninsular Spain. In any case, Users can print the Pickup Form and send us the clothes (including the Pickup Form ) above his own responsibility, managing the shipment and taking in charge the expenses involved.

Likewise, it is not possible to include clothes that the user, as a buyer, buys on Micolet and wants to send it back to return (to get more information about how to proceed to make a return, read the point 5.2.7 "Policy of return").

In order to delimit the obligations of the users concerning the Pickup, they will be considered as expeditors of the goods according to the regulation defined on the road transportation contract.

The expeditor user should respect the indications of Micolet as this function of shipper and courier in order to realize the shipment in safety conditions, especially concerning the place and time of delivery. If the user does not respect these conditions, it will be understood that he refuses the pickup. If for some unwanted reasons from the user, these conditions are not respected, it is impossible to realize the delivery. In both cases, the user will have the option to receive the clothes by this own mean and under this responsibility.

In any case, User will have the opportunity to deliver clothes to Micolet in a best-suited way, without the need to follow any anterior detail process, always when being a user that manages, takes responsibility and deals with any extra cost.

Clothes we accept

Clothes that we accept in our warehouse has to proceed a control quality process. During this process, some of the clothes may be rejected and can be not confirmed for the sale. Our level of expectations about the conditions and quality of the clothes is very high

The clothes we accept must be clothes without rips/tears, stains and odours. They must have the brand and size label still attached. We do not accept underwear, sleepwear or costume jewellery. For more details on the clothing requirements, check out the Micolet website in the "Clothing We Accept" section. Micolet reserves the right to refuse requests for the sale of clothing that does not meet the required criteria. Also, it is also possible that, in certain cases, Micolet accepts clothing that does not meet the conditions.

Valuation of the clothes

Micolet will assign a price to the clothing sent by the User and that is suitable for sale on the web. That price depends on different factors such as, among others, the brand, the type of garment, easing of selling, and the volume of it that already exists in stock. Micolet periodically modifies these parameters that influence the purchase price, according to the variations of supply and demand.

Within a period between 4 and 5 weeks* from the moment of collection, the User will receive an e-mail informing them of the result of the valuation. In the valuation received, a non-negotiable offer will be made for the clothing that Micolet considers suitable for sale on the web. On the contrary, the garments that Micolet does not consider suitable will be automatically rejected without being even valued. The User will not receive a list of garments discarded or rejected by Micolet, so it is recommended that you check the list of garments sent to check if they have been included or not in the offer made by Micolet.

* Term can be longer if for some reason we received more clothes than the capability we have to process them.

Time required for the valuation

Within a period of seven (7) days, once the User is notified by the email of the valuation that Micolet has made of their suitable clothing, the clothes will be published in the Micolet web portal. During this period the User may notify Micolet that he rejects the valuation and will have the option to donate or recover the clothes.

In case of donation, part of the unaccepted items will be donated to one of the NGO´s Micolet is collaborating with.

Refused clothes or price values. Donate or take it back

If during this delay of seven (7) days since the moment that the User receives the evaluation of the clothes, User notifies that he rejects the offer, he will have the possibility to recover it with a delivery charge (€9.99).

If a part of clothes are accepted by Micolet and others rejected and User accepts the price value, the User will have seven (7) days from the date of receiving the valuation to request the return of the clothing not accepted upon payment of the shipping charges (€9.99). In the case that the time lapses (seven days) without receiving any notification from the user, Micolet will recognize that the User agrees to donate it to Micolet, acquiring full ownership of them.

Micolet may donate part of the clothing to one of the NGOs with which it collaborates or transfers it to any other physical or legal person.

Payment of the clothing sold

Micolet will pay clothes to the User following the sales realized on the Micolet’s online website. Once the realization of a sale of a user’s clothes is made, Micolet will transfer the payment through a bank account depending on the price percentage of the clothes determined by Micolet. The bank account should be based within the UK. Likewise, the transfer will be done every first week of the month and after six (6) weeks from the sale day on the online website of Micolet. These 6 weeks are necessary to manage returns if any.

Price adjustment

After two months from the time of publication of the clothes on the Micolet’s website, if clothes have not been sold, Micolet will have the possibility to adjust this price, reducing it till 30% of the initial selling price. The main objective is to facilitate and provoke the purchase. After the other two months, if clothes are still not sold, Micolet will have the possibility to adjust the price again (using the same criteria as in the first adjustment). If, after the other two months, the clothes are still not sold, Micolet will adjust again the price according to the best strategy to guarantee to sell them. If, after 10 months, clothes are not sold, Micolet will have the right to donate them. In case if the user wants to take the clothes back, he will have to cover delivery cost of €9,99 and €1,99 for administration fee.

Adjusting the sales price of the clothes and in case that the sales are realized, the percentage of commission offered to the user can be modified according to the agreement between the user and Micolet.

Returning the published clothes

If the User wishes to get back one or various of the clothes that are on sale on Micolet, always when they haven’t been sold yet, they can return them back after paying a delivery cost of €9,99 and €1,99 administration fee of the clothing they want to get back.

Purchase of clothes

Micolet offers these services as an intermediary to final consumers, in order that buyers can purchase clothes selling by seller´s users on the Micolet marketplace.

Reminds that Micolet doesn´t buy or sell directly the products that have been published on the marketplace. Micolet assumes these responsibilities as an intermediate agent and takes responsibility for the services to offer to these clients: sellers and buyers…


Micolet Web, S.L. is a society based in Spain and the local currency for payment is Euro (€). The purchases on our website imply the direct acceptance of Euro´s currency as a payment method. Prices shown on the website are indicative and based on the automatic currency converter. Final prices can fluctuate due to inflation and fluctuation of these currencies. Prices included the selling price of the seller, the commission of Micolet and VAT/ taxes that will be appropriate to use.

All Refunds will be made in Euros (€) and in accordance with the exchange rate of the day that we process the refund. The purchaser accepts that the final amount of this transaction with Micolet, depends on the rate of exchange between the Euros and the Pound Sterling at the time and day the refund is processed.

Due to the tax differences and the different shipping costs of the products from our headquarters in Spain, the sale prices may vary from one country to another. In any case, it is guaranteed that the final price for the consumers of each country will be that published on our website for that country.

In countries situated outside the European Union, or in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey, or the Isle of Man, upon receiving the purchase, it is possible that the User has to face a surcharge of taxes and customs. The User can contact the customs offices of their country to request detailed information about these expenses. Likewise, at the valuation price, a surcharge per destination may be added, which in no case will reduce the valuation price accepted by the seller.

Purchase process

To order an item, the User has to add the product that he is interested into the shopping basket (clicking “Add to Basket”) and then to click “Complete purchase” that will appear on the top right corner of the Micolet Web. Then you will be asked to fill the purchase form and accept the Terms and Conditions of the service. Finally, you can complete the order clicking on the bottom “Complete the order”.

The Contract with Micolet will be formed once we receive the form of the order and verify the data. Before sending the order, we invite Users to read and accept Terms and Conditions of services and confirm that information provided is true and correct.

After the order is done and the User sees the order’s number and information indicating that the order has been accomplished successfully we recommend to make a screenshot or print it in case of not receiving the email, which should be sent automatically including the order confirmation and the reference number.

Micolet can refuse accepting orders that do not present any guarantee solvency, which is uncompleted, refer to an unavailable product or for any other reason that Micolet considers appropriate.

Product descriptions

Descriptions of the products are available within the Micolet website sections. Products offered by Micolet can not correspond with the pictures of the products due to the fact that product pictures can be perceived differently following the monitor or web browser used.

Availability of the products

All the orders are subject to their availability to order, this way, if the item is out of stock or there are other difficulties, Micolet retains the right to cancel the order, refunding to the user the amount they have paid.

In any case, Micolet will do its best to regularly update the available items to not confuse the User.

Payment methods and currencies

Payment can be made by card or PayPal. To make the payment, the user will be redirected to the third party´s online banking page (in the case of choosing a card payment ) or the PayPal page (for payments with this system), where under a secure environment, owned by the bank and PayPal, respectively, you will be asked for the information to make the payment with the maximum security measures. This data is never stored or managed by Micolet, so Micolet is not responsible for the use that the bank and/or PayPal could make of them.

Delivery time and cost

We deliver orders within 5 business days all around the UK, except The Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man, with the transport company we collaborate with.

The orders will be sent to a network of collection points of the courier company. The user will receive a notice for its collection on the same day but if not collected within the period indicated, the items will be returned to Micolet. In the event that the client requests a new shipment, he must pay the shipping costs again.

The shipping costs are €6.99. For orders over €29.99, it reduces to €4.99, and free delivery for the orders over €79.99. These prices can be modified depending on special promotions.

Return policy (Refunds)

The user can exercise this right to discontinuance according to the prescribe vigilant norm of Consumer and Users Defence.

Purchases whose delivery has not yet been managed will be displayed in the "Open" state in the User's Purchase History and may be cancelled directly by the User with the "Cancel" button.

For purchases already sent, refunds will be done conforming to this procedure:

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return these items within 14 calendar days starting from the day that you received the order, assuming that items are received by the return department within the 14-day deadline. To return all or some of the items bought, the User, within the deadline, should log into their Micolet account and go to “My Purchases."

In this section, the User must pay the return shipping costs of €4.99 (in certain periods these may be on promotion). Shortly after, the User will receive an email with the confirmation of the payment of the return shipping costs and information of the rest of the process. In this email, the User will receive a PDF file with the corresponding Return Sheet in order to process the return. The User must download this file, print it and include it in the package, together with the items to be returned.

48 working hours after receiving this first email, the User will receive a second email with the Hermes return label so that the User can deliver their return box to the nearest Hermes Parcel Shop. It is essential that you, the User, keeps the receipt that you are given by Hermes until Micolet confirms to the User, via email, that the articles have been received.

Clothes to return will not be accepted by our pick up process.

The return period is 14 calendar days and in no case will it be extended because the User cannot deliver the returned goods to a Hermes Parcel Shop within that period. In any case, the User has the option of using a different transportation service that best suits their needs.

If you, the User wish to manage the return by yourself with a transport company of your choice, please contact Micolet by sending an email to to receive instructions for this case. before initiating the return management in the "My Purchases" section.

If the User wishes to return items corresponding to different orders in the same shipment, he can do so by paying only a few return shipping costs. For this, no more than 30 minutes must pass between the first return request and the following ones. In this case, the User must send all the items to be returned corresponding to the different purchases in the same package and with the Return Sheets related to each of the return requests. The User will receive by email all PDF files of all return requests and may also be downloaded directly to their Micolet account, in the return request that has been created for the purchase. The deadline for returns for these cases will also be 14 calendar days.

The right of return (refund) is subject to these following conditions:

The return will be realized when the package is received in Micolet. Micolet will not assume to cover any costs or incidents that may arise from the transportation process of the returned items, which is the responsibility of the buyer.

If the User asks for the refund, Micolet will check the conditions and depend on whether the conditions mentioned above are met. Followings situation can happen:

  1. Item does not meet the conditions and therefore this return is refused

    In that case, User will be contacted, within 14 days from the natural date that he notified Micolet to this attention to return items, Micolet will offer the option to send it back this refused item. The The User will be responsible for all the charges (from customer to Micolet / Micolet to customer), taxes or customs duties if required. If users do not accept to keep the return item and refused from Micolet, he will have the possibility to keep it as well as the item amount.

  2. Product corresponds to the conditions and is accepted by Micolet.

    In that supposition, the User will receive an email informing that the refunds have been accepted and within a maximum of 14 days from the reception of returned items, Micolet will proceed to the refund the purchase amount, including VAT.


If the purchased good does not conform to the characteristics and qualities stated, the buyer may terminate the contract and obtain a refund of the money. These differences, with respect to what has been stated, must be explicit, clear, and unequivocal. The buyer must send these goods to Micolet according to the terms and conditions that the company establishes for this purpose, given the particular circumstances of the case.

Considering the legal definition of goods used as tangible personal property susceptible to lasting use that, having previously been used by a third party, are susceptible to new use for their specific purposes, the wear or deterioration caused by the previous ordinary use of the products will not be considered a vice or error. Likewise, the USER and/or CLIENT is informed that the possible tonality difference caused by the effect of the monitor will not be considered a sufficient error to proceed with the return of the product since it is estimated that the colours may have around a 15% variation.

As an example, errors related to the brand or to the size marked on the garment, apparent differences in colour, undisclosed tears, or differences in materials or composition will be considered.

In these cases, the USER or CLIENT must request the return by sending an email to the address

Way of communication

Micolet is a digital marketplace. The use of it implied the acceptance of communications through an email address that has been provided to the user in their personal details. Is the responsibility of the user to update this contact detail and to consult this mailbox.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property of the web page, its source code, design, navigation form and different elements are the property of Micolet, which correspond to the all entire exploitation access to reproduce, distribute, communicate and transform according to the Spanish legislation and legislation of European Union.

It is completely forbidden the total or partial reproduction of Micolet contents without express consent in writing Micolet. The unauthorized use of these contents will permit a legal retain.

Micolet is not responsible for any infractions realized by the users of this online website that affect third parties.

Links to others websites

Hyperlinks published in Micolet can direct you to third party Websites. Micolet does not assume any responsibility for the content, information or services that can appear on this website, which will only have an informative objective and in any case implicate a relation between Micolet and users or entities owners of any content places that can be met.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions of the services

In any moment Micolet can change or actualize its Terms and Conditions of the services provided. For this reason, users are recommended to review them frequently. Every updated version of the Terms and Conditions will be followed once it is published in the Micolet Web.

In any moment Micolet can change its commercial offer through a publication on its online website (price modifications, product and promotion changes and other commercial and service related information).These modifications will not affect operations realized before.

In any case, the utilisation of Micolet website means the acceptance of the Conditions and Terms to all the users, in that way if the User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, he should not use the Micolet Web.

Termination and compensation of the clauses

If any clause included in these Terms and Conditions will be declared, totally or partially, invalid or unless, will only affect to this disposition or part of it which is considered invalid or unless, subsisting to the Terms and Conditions of use of everyone else, having to this disposition, or part of it the same effect result, but not present.


Micolet retains the right to suspend online website access, without any advance notice, to a discretionary and temporary way, due to technical issues or any other disposition, having the right to modify individually the access conditions as well as all or half of the content.

Micolet retains the right to stop or cancel the website or other services offered to users, at any moment without any previous notice. In every case, Micolet can stop the service to any user that uses it in an unethical, offensive, illegal and incorrect regarding the content and services and/or contrary to the interests of the company.

Customer service and Platform ORD to resolve a dispute

For all enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service sending an email to

To resolve incidence, complaints or reclamation you can get in touch with us sending an email to this address

If it has not been resolved by our customers' service, the customers can present a reclamation through the platform "Resolution of Litig of the European Union", managed by the European Commission on this link.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These present Terms and Conditions of use are registered and interpreted according to the Spanish law.

Last Updated On: 21 November, 2019