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How can I unsubscribe from Micolet emails or notifications?

If you do not want to receive our newsletters with the special offers of the day or other promotions, don't worry. You just have to open one of our newsletters that we have sent you and click on the link that appears in the text of the beginning and/or end of the email. Within a maximum period of 5 working days (which is the time necessary to manage this cancellation) you will stop receiving our newsletters.

If you want to unsubscribe from the Push Web Notifications (notifications that appear when opening an Internet page), you must block them through your browser, as these notifications do not depend on us.

How do I request a return?

From the moment you receive the clothes that you have bought, you have 14 calendar days to return them if they do not meet your expectations.

To do this, you have to access your Micolet user account and go to the "Purchases" section. Locate the purchase from which you want to return a garment, click on "Return" and select the garments to be returned.

Then you will have to pay the shipping costs for the return (£4.52). Shortly you will receive an email confirming the payment of the return shipping costs and a link to download the Return Sheet. Print it and put it inside the box that you are sending us with the clothes that you do not want.

In a maximum of 48 working hours after receiving this first email we will send you a second email with the Hermes label that you must print and add to your return box. You will have 5 days to leave your return packet at your nearest Hermes Parcel Shop. IMPORTANT: It is necessary to wait for this second email with the Hermes label before going to your nearest Hermes Parcel Shop. Otherwise, you will not be able to return the package.

We will take care of making the corresponding payment for the return once we have received the clothes and checked that everything is correct.

If you have forgotten to add garments to be returned from that same purchase or you have garments that you want to return from other purchases that are within the return period, do not worry! You can add them FREE of charge during the 30 minutes following the request for the first return . You just have to make a new request as you did with the first return but without paying more shipping costs. We will email you the return sheets but, in addition, you will be able to download it directly in your user session, in the return you have created. IMPORTANT: The items of all returns must be sent in the same package and with the return sheet of each request.

If you prefer to manage the return on your own, you can do so, but before doing any of the steps described above, contact us at info@micolet.co.uk and we will tell you how to start the process.

Once we receive the items, in a maximum period of 15 days, we will return the money back to you. Do not worry because we will send you an email confirming the payment. Remember that the money will be returned to the same payment method with which you made the purchase.

*In the case that your order is not correct, please write to us at info@micolet.co.uk so we can help you.

How can I add items to my order?

Items can be added to orders that are in the "Open" state (the preparation of this order has not yet started) without paying shipping costs or extra expenses. It is a free service.

For this, you have to access Micolet with the same account with which you made the first purchase. When making the new purchase, the items will be automatically added to the open order. You can check that no extra shipping costs are charged and only the price of the items has been charged.

You can see the status of your order from your Micolet account, in the "Purchases" section

As a general rule, orders will be closed at 09:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday. There may be exceptions to this but you will be informed before the end of the order process.

Do you ship to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man? And international shipments?

We ship to all of the UK (except The Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man)

Internationally, we also send to France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany, but for this, you will have to make your purchase on the Micolet page of each country: Micolet.com, Micolet.fr, Micolet.pt, Micolet.it, Micolet.de.

And very keep an eye out because soon we will expand to many more destinations!